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Brennan ``Ecue`` Lunin

Owner / Producer

For the past 20 years, I’ve had the chance to work with industry pros and artists alike. I’ve had my music featured on various commercial projects as well as radio and web. I graduated from Full Sail University with Bachelors of Science in Music Production, but I have been a musician for all of my life. Having both parents being symphony orchestra professional musicians and current day music teachers, music has been my world and all I’ve ever known. I take what I love about music and I apply modern day digital marketing techniques to get measurable results. I don’t want to promise you “I’m gonna make you blow up”. All I can promise you is I’m going to open your eyes to a new way of operating your label or your music career more efficiently and more successfully. Time to stop playing games and quit chasing likes. Set goals. Strategies. Execute. Repeat!