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Create an electronic press kit

Electronic Press Kits (EPK) are your online resume. This is all of your work, you experience, your expertise, your years of blood sweat and tears, and your crowning achievements, your career so far. 

You may want to get a good photographer and do a nice photoshoot with some professional photography. In the music industry, your vibe goes a long way. It’s important for people to get a good idea of who they’re looking to hire, and having professional photography give them the boost of confidence knowing that they’re working with someone who’s confident and knows what to do.

Everyone wants a Pro. Your clients want to ensure that their money is well spent. They want to know they’re not going to have to invest more money in case your deal falls through. That makes people apprehensive. So just like in any other industry, you have to sell You, your talent, your Production Company Brand, your music, etc.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t give everyone the same exact sales pitch that you end up perfecting in the process of selling. Your EPK serves as the menu in a restaurant. Users get to visit, click a button to view it and see it posted neatly online, for easy access.

This is also where you showcase some of your best work. This is

So please folks, invest into this one. Don’t have your “cousin who’s dope at websites” do it, and if at all possible, try not to do it yourself. This is where a money is well spent.