It’s tempting to bombard your contacts with links to your work. SoundCloud links, Youtube links, website links, podcasts, etc. We’re all proud of our own work. Others would be too if they had the chance to check it out, right?


We’re being self-centered thinking that other people feel about our work the way we do.

We want others to be as excited about all the time and effort we’ve put in. We often feel entitled to their admirations.

On average, it takes 7-12 interactions between you and your intended target for them to begin to think of you as a potential service or product provider. That means that someone has to:

  • Respond to your paid advertising
  • Click like on your social media posts
  • View your content (read article or view video)
  • Fill out a contact form
  • Receive and open your email
  • Click on your call to actions
  • Continue opening future emails
  • Like your social media pages
  • Share your content
  • Come back to your website
  • Download your lead magnets
  • Join your email list

That means that for those interactions to take place, you have to position your content so your recipients get familiarized with your work without you bombarding them with spammy emails.

But when it’s time to make your follow-up contact with someone like an A&R or Label Exec, it’s best to keep it at most professional and really mind your manners.

Here’s a list of what you SHOULD NOT do:

  • Don’t send the same email you’ve sent to 10 other recipients.
  • Do not forward the same email over and over again to different recipients without formatting it, getting rid of “FW:”
  • Don’t use slang or familiar language. No “What up yo?” or “Sup”
  • Don’t refer to them as a “Homie” or “Bro”.
  • Don’t fill the body of the message just with links and no intro as to what the viewer will be looking at
  • Don’t demand anything or use forceful language
  • Don’t be impatient.

Successful people are busy. They’re busy because they have goals and plans they’re trying to achieve and more than likely, you’re not part of it….even if just “yet”.

You may think they’re being rude by not responding to you right away, or they don’t think much of your work. And we all know how that can hurt our feeling or bruise our egos. We’re artists, we need to be reassured that our art is “moving”.

But this is BUSINESS. And in business, things move at their own pace. Sometimes the pace is neck-snapping. Sometimes, it’s turtle speed. But regardless of how fast or slow people move, you should never follow up a primary contact with another one without having been responded to.  

Here are a few tips you can use to get them to respond to your email:

  • Send them a fruit basket to their office thanking them for viewing your content (just kidding, but hey who doesn’t like Edible Arrangements?)
  • Use an A/B split testing features in email clients to test different headlines when sending a multitude of emails to 5% of your contact list, use the winner of test to send to the rest of your list.
  • Don’t use headlines like “Need a hit record? Click here”
  • Don’t try to appear bigger than you are. People can Google you.
  • Send a physical letter with a business card