At this point, you start to get impatient and want to just send the first email already and fill their inbox with “bangers” and “hits”. Wait a second, Sun!

You don’t want to rush this step.

This is the first time a potential client may be seeing your material and learning about you and your brand. This is no time to make a “drive-by” impression. Remember, in the music business,¬†most records are results of relationships, not on “hit and run” mentality of One-Hit Wonders.

Take the time to make a good introduction. Write a professional looking initial email, formatted and crafted well, with forethought and intent.

Tell the client that

  • Their time is appreciated,
  • You’re excited for the opportunity to work with them
  • You have experience in the industry. Be specific but don’t brag.
  • You found the client through *Name Referral* or source

Don’t give your reader a “summer reading” assignment meaning don’t make them work to meet you.

This is not the place to call them a “homie”, “dude” or a “bro”. They are not your “dawg” or your “fam”. Just saying, cut the slang talk to a “non-existent”. You never know how a person wants to be treated. They may have a persona for the camera, or on the social platforms, but in business, they want to be respected and treated as such.

It’s best to always lean to the professional side of things simply because it’s the smart, easy and safe thing to do.

There will be plenty of time in the future to build a close-knit friendship where you can truly be yourself with all of your flaws. But this is not one of those times. This is when you want your best foot forward.

Make this initial contact more about being the right person to help your potential client to get to their goals, to solve their problems, to make the experience¬†pleasurable for them. This is all about them. No one cares what you want if they have to pay you real money. Don’t make this about you, but more about how you can help them. Your tone should be that of a confident service or product provider, not a braggadocious “alpha”.