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You can produce for anyone. But you can’t produce for everyone. So how do you decide which artist you should send your tracks to? Are
Mind you, folks, this is the research phase only and you are (and I’m going to capitalize this purposefully) “NOT TO SEND ANYONE ANYTHING YET”.
Create an electronic press kit Electronic Press Kits (EPK) are your online resume. This is all of your work, you experience, your expertise, your years
One thing the internet has changed immeasurably is your access and ability to make business contacts. It is now easier than ever to send big
Music Production Resumés Resumés help employers and clients see your job history and past work. They can quickly check out your work on the internet
At this point, you start to get impatient and want to just send the first email already and fill their inbox with “bangers” and “hits”.
It’s tempting to bombard your contacts with links to your work. SoundCloud links, Youtube links, website links, podcasts, etc. We’re all proud of our own
<![CDATA[The Copyright Act of 1790 granted creators a limited time of exclusive control to their creations. I mean who’d want to practice, sacrifice all that
You’ve done the necessary legwork. Spent hours producing. Made sure to finish songs, mix them, export them to mp3 and upload them on all the
I didn’t want to end it on a sour note, but i’m going to be honest here. Look… I get it. Rejection sucks. Or maybe